Art Is Hard Work But Still Fun

It can be excruciating trying to come to the end of an art piece, it’s fun but it is very challenging.  The best part about it is seeing what you envisioned come to life and completion. The countless errors and tiny details all sum up to a final destination, even though sometimes I just want…

A Big Fail Turns Into A Big Win Again

In art there are mistakes that happen, but the good news is that a mistake in art can turn into something. Here is the moment shortly after accidently squeezing the paint out of the bottle by accident. After the problem, a solution appears! Turn it into something positive:

Barbers Day Artwork Update 9/7/2018

I had an epic fail the other day and got some white paint on the arm and face, but I used some water and a dry cloth and was able to get it out. Still, now I gotta go back over the skin tones again and fix this non-issue. As long as you approach art…

Trying To Complete Barbersday Painting

No problem getting things off the shelf with that arm. #artprogress #artprogression #bclarkart A post shared by Brian Clark (@bclarkart11) on Sep 5, 2018 at 11:36am PDT B

Barbers Day Update – Blending With Water

Here we go family #artprogress #barbersday #art #artsy #arcylic #acrylicart #originalart. #painting #painting #originalartpiece #paintingofbarber #photopainting #barbershop A post shared by Brian Clark (@bclarkart11) on Sep 4, 2018 at 6:37am PDT Right now the arm on my barber is not looking all that right so I’m going to have to adjust the length and tones….