All Done With With My Latest Piece

I got off to a lightning fast start in the beginning, and everyone watching was shocked at the progress. See, I have very little patience, and I like to make things happen.

So I started with water mixed with umber but I need to pick up some glazing medium when I get the chance so the paint won’t thin too much.

By keeping paint thin in the beginning I’m able to make a lot of mistakes, and in art that is a wonderful thing.


This latest art piece was puzzling, I started using a blurry photo reference but I was able to find a clearer photo to work from.

So I had to ended up re-painting everything, and a good tip is to remember to work from a good quality photo.

Took me about 24 – 28 hours to complete, and things are looking more interesting than a Laker fight.

Right now I’m planning my next move, and just trying to continue to grow as a person and an artist. I could be going back to school soon for somehting else, but I would rather paint.



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