Inspiration Starts Here

Hello and welcome,

This website is here to inspire you, and to uplift humanity. – Brian C

I’m an artist, writer, and jack of all trades, and I’m here to give the world inspiration through creativity. My story is filled with a lot of loss, pain, and many other struggles.

But through all of the hacked accounts, I have learned that this is apart of my life path. I am a life path 11:

October 5 / 10 /  1+0 = 1

5th = 5

1985  / 1+9+8+5 = 23 / 2+3 = 5

So we take each double digit number and add them together until we have a single digit, and we get : 5 + 5 +1 = 11.

One represents creativity and inspiration, and the gateway into higher states of being. So in a way 11’s are gatekeepers and in general  can be great leaders.

To simplify, we struggle, because many things that we aspire to do have not been created by us yet. 

In my younger days and currently, I have dealt with a lot of nervous energy, and I still struggle with this at times.

When I was younger my dad would take me to malls, and while I liked toys, art books where much more interesting.  Comic book art, and drawing super heroes was my favorite thing, but these days it’s all about inspiring people.

Troubled Times At Bclarkart

Not that long ago my FTP account was hacked, and I had to start everything all over again. After all the time I put into my previous website, it was shut down.

On top of that, a painting I created was showing upside down when I published the WordPress post. So there is apparently something controversial about my work, but I still haven’t created my “This is America Piece” :-).

I hope you get a lot out of this website, and I look forward to bringing you the best artwork I have ever produced.