The More I do This The More I Love It

When you first know who you are, and then embrace the fact that you are odd or not “normal”, you begin to step into your life path. Based on numerology, I know I’m here to create something that the entire world has never seen before.

I was getting upset the other day about my lack of a lot of things, but then I thought to myself, maybe that anger I have for my short comings can be directed in a positive way.

I had some extra paint on my pallete, and decided to throw it on the canvas and just be very expressive and creative. I noticed that the blue blurb of paint that I put on the canvas looked like a face, and I just went with that with this piece.

I called this piece blue foot and it’s just quick piece that I had fun making. Precision, highly detailed artwork is nice, but I love making artwork from another world.

Stay tuned to the “Barbers Day” reveal coming up soon, and yes I’m very excited to show this piece framed in yellow.



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