True Story – Art Is Similar To Learning How To Play Basketball

When I first started out playing basketball I struggled to make jump shots and would shoot the ball behind the backboard of the goal. On top of that, I would not play defense and my team mates would get mad at me, and I would get sad about it.

Guys would talk a lot of smack, and have something to say, and it was all motivation for me.

It was an absolute struggle for me to be a good basketball player, but I never stopped! No matter how many times I would mess up or fail, I would pick myself up, and keep going.

This may sound inspirationally cheesy but no matter what people say, or what goes on, you need to work harder than the naysayers. See, it’s foolish  to think that you can just shoot 100 jump shots and you will begin playing basketball like air Jordan.

However, if you work at 1 aspect of anything you wanna get good at, you can expand upon that leaps and bounds with consistency, and a never say quit attitude. For example, you may not be the best at toning skin in art, but practicing blending will help you achieve that.

So take what your best strengths are, and expand upon them. For example, in basketball I might be a great passer, but I can practice more and be an even better passer. Now, I’m beginning to become very good at passing, I can then work on my second weakest area, which would be developing a left hand finishing ability.

Having a chip on my shoulder has helped me in basketball and it will help you in every area of your life. -Brian Clark

So lets say that people say  something bad about how you make art, or how you play a sport, that should motivate you to become that much better. As an adult and young adult, people would yell at me and try to make me upset, but I used that as motivation.

Fast forward to today, and I can play basketball against the best competition and hold my own.

Some people break down when they hear criticisms, and some people simply rise to the occasion, and become legend. So as a practice, I encourage you to remember something negative someone said, and then use that as inspiration to become better.

I would like to see less artists give up because things get intense or difficult and push through all the drama. So try writing down 3 things that motivate you to become a successful artist or to become more successful in general.

Take a look at that list daily and find ways to turn your passion into a full time living, because it is possible.


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